• JBL × Mariano Rivera

    As one of the most highly respected professional baseball pitchers of the last quarter century, Rivera’s career as a ‘power pitcher’, known for his precision ‘cutter’, not to mention his character on the field put him in the pantheon of baseball greats. And yet, he was held in high regard by all thanks to his cool conduct on and off the field. Some even referred to him as having ‘ice water in his veins’.

    From the iconic closer’s entrance theme to the ‘thock’ of ball on back, it’s JBL’s pursuit of the best sound reproduction in baseball stadiums across the States that gets you, the fans going every time

  • JBL × Alex Rodgriguez

    Alex Rodgriguez is a 14-time All Star, 3-time League MVP and one of the most recognizable figures in baseball. His career spanned 22 seasons, including a World Championship in pinstripes.

    Now, Rodgriguez can be seen on your TV screen but in a different role, providing commentary for baseball programming throughout the season. His knowledge of the game and on-camera presence makes him a natural fit for the small screen.

    And whether he's working out, heading to the studio or playing with his kids, that's where JBL comes in. "I have always appreciated high quality sound that does justice to the tunes I love and I'm excited to partner with JBL to inspire others to choose the best in sound, wherever they are."

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