Get Ready, Lovatics - JBL + Demi Lovato are teaming up to change the way you experience music!

Demi Lovato is a bonafied global superstar. Selling millions of albums and writing chart-topping hits across the world, Demi's passion for music is only matched with her passion for helping others. When Demi takes the stage, the world listens.

3 Things We Dig About Demi

  • Ink - She's got close to 30 tattoos on her body, each representing a special point in her life.
  • Passionate - She's a fierce advocate for women's empowerment and mental health issues.
  • Confidence - When asked "Who do you want to be when you grow up?" in a recent interview, Demi answered "That's easy, me."

JBL × Demi: Pics and Vids

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