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    "Champion meet champion"

Jérôme Boateng + JBL

As a Global Brand Ambassador for JBL, Boateng’s love of music to prepare himself mentally and physically for top-level soccer exemplifies JBL’s own commitment to quality and performance. Like JBL, he’s confident on a global stage and is a leader and fierce competitor on the field. The connection between sports and music is a powerful one, so Jérôme’s status as a champion, role model, icon and music fan is as authentic as JBL’s commitment to the best sound reproduction. Jérôme uses music to motivate and himself when training, helping him to focus before a match. With JBL, Jérôme aims to inspire others to be their best. Together with Jérôme, JBL combines the best in audio and the best in sports for soccer fans everywhere.

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