All about wireless headphones
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All about wireless headphones

Wireless headphones give you freedom. You can listen to your favorite music anywhere without a cable and enjoy high-quality JBL sound.

How do wireless headphones work?

Having headphones without wires means you no longer need a plug-in cable. You simply connect to your smartphone, laptop or tablet with a wireless connection via Bluetooth. Thanks to the battery in your headphones, you can listen to music for hours. It is also possible to make and receive calls or watch videos on your tablet or laptop undisturbed. With the latest Bluetooth technology, you always stay connected.

Controlling your headphones

Wireless offers many advantages. The distance between your device and your wireless headphones can be up to 15 meters, without losing connection. So you can leave your smartphone in your bag while you walk down the street. At home, these headphones will also work if your phone is in the bedroom while you're in the kitchen.

The question is, how do you skip to the next song in your playlist or turn the volume up or down when your phone isn't around? You can do it with the buttons on the headphones' ear shells. Use these buttons to answer your phone, choose the next song or adjust the volume. You can also use them to switch noise cancelling on or off.

Wireless earbuds also have these buttons. You will find them on the cable that connects the two earphones, or in the case of fully wireless earphones, on the earphones themselves. Bluetooth headphones are, of course, also equipped with a microphone which makes it possible to have a conversation.

As well as on the headphones, you can also easily control your headphone settings via the JBL Headphone app, such as noise-cancelling, AmbiantAware & TalkThru. You can even set personal preferences via this app. For example, using the pre-defined EQ settings for Jazz, Vocal or Bass, you can easily capture or adjust your listening preferences.

 Controlling your headphones

Types of wireless headphones

There are three types of wireless Bluetooth headphones. On-ear and over-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones and (in-ear) wireless earbuds. In addition, all variants are also available as special sport headphones.

On-ear and over-ear wireless headphones

Over-ear headphones fit over your ear. The fact that they enclose your ears has the advantage that you can completely immerse yourself in the music and enjoy the perfect sound. But what makes JBL over-ear headphones special is that they are very comfortable. Thanks to the soft cushions and headband, they fit snugly on your head and fit comfortably over your ear. Most on-ear headphones are foldable and super lightweight. They are very compact and therefore fit easily in your bag so you can easily take them anywhere. On-ear headphones do not fit over your ears but instead sit comfortably on your ears.

Wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds can be divided into two different types. Wireless earphones are connected to each other by a cable or a neckband. Completely wireless earbuds are completely independent of each other. With these True Wireless earbuds, there is no wire at all, not even at the neck.

Wireless earbuds are ideal for carrying with you thanks to their small size, making it easy to listen to music anywhere. Despite their small size, they are robust enough to last for years. They also come in a sturdy charging case, and 15 minutes in the case will allow you to use the earbuds for a further hour. Moreover, these earphones can produce excellent sound. However, sports often involve sweating, and you may also encounter a shower of rain when you are running outside. Typical sports earphones are water-resistant.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

To suppress external noise, a special technique known as Noise Cancelling has been developed. It is a form of active noise cancellation whereby ambient sounds are perceived with the help of a microphone. As soon as this sound is analyzed, these very advanced headphones produce a counter noise. This is a kind of opposite sound wave that largely eliminates the perceived ambient noise. This is very useful when, for example, you are in an airplane or travelling by train.

You can take full advantage of the sublime JBL sound while being largely unaffected by disturbing sounds in your surroundings. JBL offers a range of wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones JBL TUNE 750BTNC, as well as on-ear JBL TUNE 600BTNC and in-ear JBL Live Pro+ TWS wireless headphones.

Buy wireless headphones

Which wireless headphones will you choose? Will you go for freedom of movement with wireless earbuds, the convenience of foldable on-ear headphones or tranquility and great sound with noise-cancelling headphones?

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