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Party Speaker

Throw an epic party anywhere with a party speaker from JBL. Plug in your phone or stream your favorite tracks easily via Bluetooth. With our portable speakers' LED light shows, the party will start wherever you go!

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What is a party speaker?

A good party speaker can be taken anywhere. You can karaoke with it, DJ professionally and dance for hours. Our Bluetooth party speakers are wireless and quickly connect to your phone, tablet or laptop. The PartyBox 110 by JBL guarantees top-quality sound at every party. You can connect the party speaker with a USB stick or Bluetooth. Thanks to the built-in light show, you instantly create a party mood and thanks to the enormous power, the perfect sound and the superior Bass Boost technology, you will be rocking the room in no time at all.

Features of the party speaker

The speaker connects wirelessly with Bluetooth, has a built-in light show and has an input for microphone and guitar. Thanks to the USB input, you can play your party playlists directly from your USB stick.


A good party lasts longer than an hour. To make sure you have music from start to finish, you need a powerful battery, so you can be sure you'll have a good time for the next ten hours. The JBL PartyBox 110 and JBL Partybox 310 both have a good battery for a party. When fully charged, the battery will last between 12 and 18 hours.

Bluetooth party speaker

A party speaker connects via Bluetooth. You can easily establish a wireless connection with your phone or another device. Do you want the sound to come from different sides of the room? This is possible with True Wireless Stereo (TWS). This technology allows you to connect two party speakers to each other via Bluetooth.

Light show

With the built-in light show that has two to six strobes, you can create your own club. The LED lights give every party the right atmosphere. You can determine the colours in the light mode. So you can give each party a different vibe!

USB input

From rock to hip-hop and from tearjerkers to techno. Compile your playlists in advance, put them on a USB stick and plug it into the PartyBox. With a USB input, you don't need internet or Bluetooth; JBL's top-notch sound does the rest.

Differences between JBL party speakers

JBL offers different types of party speakers. Want to blow everyone away professionally? Then go for the PartyBox 1000. Choose the PartyBox 310 if you want a waterproof, portable speaker with top sound. If easy transport is the most important thing for you, then choose the PartyBox 110. This speaker is lightweight, and you can simply sling it over your shoulder.

Buying a party speaker

Ask yourself a few questions before buying a party speaker. How much power do you need from the speaker(s)? How important is light to you? Are two strobes enough, or should there be four or six? Do you want to use the speaker for professional parties with or without a battery? Do you want to create your own DJ loops? JBL's party speakers can do it all. Are you ready to party?